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Acoustic guitar instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, Ken Totushek—a musician   with a mission...

In guitarist Ken Totushek’s inspirational music one senses the uplifting, soulful, and relaxing flow of sweet sounds often whispering stories from his and others’ life experience.  Ken’s music is down to earth, inviting, and tends to capture the heart of the listener as he leads one through a calming musical journey.  His audience has varied greatly over the years, and includes churches, worship and praise events, children’s music venues, community concerts and Fall Fairs, weddings, Elderly and Nursing home venues, as well as playing abroad. Ken’s music has always been well received, and for that he is grateful.  “It has been my experience that in music, mankind has clearly been blessed with a truly universal language."

Ken has been playing guitar since the age of 12, and has studied in more recent years the impact of various guitar construction effects on tone—things such as shape and size, woods used, age, specialty guitar builders (luthiers) of our day, strings, technique, etc. For Ken, any of these variables mentioned can evoke different moods, inspiration, and creativity—“it’s incredibly fascinating to me, and seems to have become a lifetime journey exploring daily new depths of musical discovery!” Ken plays his own compositions, as well as those of others that he has arranged. It is not unusual to see Ken with at least 2-3 of his favorite guitars accompany him on stage—each with their own unique qualities and tonal nuggets just waiting to resonate. He does all of his recording, as well as that of others, at Graceworks Recording, his 24 track digital, project recording studio.

Life can be really hard sometimes!  Of prime importance to Ken, is that the spiritual and real life story element woven throughout his music would resonate clearly to all.  “I believe whatever I do musically is a gift from God, and so whenever I play, I feel I am just giving back to Him that which He has graciously given me. It blesses and inspires me immensely.  It is always a privilege to share the gift with others as well, with the hope that they might receive some blessing that transcends the physical. My goal and purpose in playing for and with others is ultimately that the ‘Giver of Gifts’ may be honored and glorified while encouraging others.” 

Ken has recorded and released 4 albums to date--For the Rest of Your Life, ©1994; Pilgrim Song, ©2001; Sweet Devotion, ©2004, and Sweet Devotion--heart, ©2005. In addition to the "Real Life Stuff" concerts series Ken performs at varioous venues, he frequently provides special music and is a praise and worship leader in local churches as well.  Ken has performed in various parts of the country, as well as abroad.  Ken lives in Barrington, RI.  For more information and news on new work, visit  or email Ken at

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